The technology of the 60's, 7o's and 80's has given way to the digital world Reaper Multi-track digital recording system lets one do the work of 10 or 100 Digital Effects enhance studio productions and create amazing ambience and clarity High Speed CD & DVD Duplication Towers produce over 500 CDs per hour
Upper Room Music Productions has over 35 years experience in producing solid high quality audio recordings Call today to discuss your CD and DVD production and manufacturing needs Upper Room - Where "Good Enough" well, it just ain't!
A Mid Vancouver Island Enterprise,
Upper Room Productions is committed to helping the artist or business just getting started as well as supporting those who are established and need a reliable and experienced media manufacturing facility within arms reach.

Capable of producing over 500 CDs per hour and handling all aspects of  design and manufacture from the photography, through printing, cutting, assembly and even shrink wrapping.

Finished product is ready to ship or distribute to your eager audience.

Pricing is competitive and affordable.
Assembling CDs & Inserts into Jewel cases during small production run SERVICES

Digital Audio Recording
Multi-track Production
Editing and mixdown
CD Audio Mastering
CD Duplication
DVD & Blu-Ray

Full featured design & Mfg
of  CD & DVD packages
including Art work creation
printing, cutting & assembly
shrink wrapping & bulk shipping

Fast turn-around -
as little as 24 hours
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High Speed CD, DVD & Bluray DuplicationOn Location CD production
Digital Recording and Production system on site
at conference  in Calgary AB  2011
Allowing manufacture & distribution of over 1100 CDs in 2 days
actual insert Layout for recent project