Peter M was born and raised in Brooklyn New York.  He has been sober since June 1988 and his current sponsor is Mark H. from Texas.  Over the past 5 years Peter has called Union, New Jersey home.  Since living in Jersey he has started an AA group, which is also his home group, called "A Vision For You". 


Peter proclaims that the steps have and continue to revolutionize his life, allowing him to develop a personal experience with a loving God.  Each time he goes through the steps, he develops a new level of consciousness never before experienced.  He describes this by stating "I have experienced not relief from the steps but FREEDOM."  By engaging in Step 11 and meditation he is able to clear out what blocks him from God and experiences a new life, one that words cannot explain. 


In closing Peter highlights that when working with the newcomer or the alcoholic who still suffers he looks to pass along how going through the 12 steps and practicing the principles in his life has led him to feeling a sense of FREEDOM.  He makes sure that they know "there is a huge difference in just getting to meetings and getting recovered. This spiritual experience is vital (to achieving recovery)."