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Every Ship Needs a Captain
The little vessel we call Upper Room Communications is no different.!
While the voice on the phone may be mine or Elaine's and the figures behind the sales tables at Roundups are the same ones you have come to know,  we answer to a higher authority when it comes to making decisions both about our personal lives and especially about our actions and choices as the principals of Upper Room Communications.
Elaine and I have been followers of Jesus since 1975 when we first understood the message of the Gospels and saw the significance of the cross. It is fair to say we could not have done the things we have if God had not been guiding our path.
Many times we have felt like throwing in the towel and finding something else to do with our lives, but God always manages to steer our thinking and perceptions of our circumstances to see them as temporary trials meant to strengthen our faith.

As Christians, we are acutely aware that our actions and words have consequences, and though we flounder from time to time and let ourselves and sometimes our customers down, we try to live according to the principles we believe in, and refuse to take the 'easier, softer' way which is so tempting. That's where the cross of Jesus comes in. By identifying with the total surrender He made in allowing himself to be murdered, we gain a freedom from the need to be in control. He showed us how to die, and when we accept our 'death' whether of our pride, or  sense of self-importance or fear of loss or failure etc. etc. we enter into the wonder of His life, a life free from striving, content with the moment and alive with hope and peace.

Many people have made the comment that the way we allow perfect strangers to order CDs and tapes over the phone and then ship their order out trusting that they will send us a cheque, is strange and unorthodox in today's world. We agree. But we trust God to provide for us, and if the things we sell belong to Him, He decides how we sell them and how we expect to be paid.

As with any business for any boss, we have to give an account of ourselves. Sometimes we have made the wrong choices and God has had to bring correction. He is always gentle and full of love and never fails to remind us that first and foremost we are His children, that we belong to Him. But there have been times we have been stood in a corner to think things over and every time, emerged the better for it.

I hope these bits of truth about our lives help you to understand us better and maybe encourage someone who is struggling with the varities of live. Maybe you feel like you are being oppressed and are overwhelmed? If so, don't despair. God is really in control and if you have read this far, you have probably already taken some steps toward a greater reality. We are available to answer your questions, tell you more about our struggles, or if you wish, even pray with you for the resources you need to make it through your own time of trial.

May God Richly Bless you as you journey towards freedom.

Don & Elaine Soucy

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